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Justin Michael has teamed up with super-star pop singer Bruno Mars for a single which is set to be released by Ultra Records on February the 19th. ‘Her World Goes On‘ features amazing vocals from Bruno Mars and some unbelievable production skills by the L.A resident Justin Michael. Along side the original mix comes a remix by ‘The 8th Note & Weekend Heroes, as well as hard hitting electro mix by ‘Feri & Multi‘. Justin Michael and the remix team have brought ‘Her World Goes On‘ back to life for 2013!

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Feb 20th: Bruno Mars at NRJ Radio Studio

Feb 20th: Bruno Mars at NRJ Radio Studio

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Bruno in France now

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Sometimes you have to figure out that the people you care the most about just don’t care about you. Sometimes they have better girls, girls that mean more than you ever did. Sometimes you just have to accept that love sucks, and know that he doesn’t want you in his life. Sometimes you have to realize you weren’t meant to be, and you both can find better fits in your lives. Sometimes you have to accept that people lie. Sometimes you have to know things change, and life goes on.
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